March 19, 2019

Things to do in London

If you are wandering around in the capital of the UK, your head might explode from all the things you can do and see. Let us help you with that. Here are five things you simply have to do and or see, when you are in London.

Silent disco
The Thames river is one you cannot overlook. But what if you can be on the Thames? On a disco boat? Yes, that is right. Not another boring disco party, but one on the water. And silent. Tell that to your friends. Get your headphones on and dance the night away!

London Eye
Of course, we couldn’t ignore the London Eye. This huge ferris wheel will give you the most amazing outlook over the city. Perfect for a nice Instagram-post, if we may say so ourselves. A must-do when you are in London. Enjoy the view!

Sky Garden
You get this one for free, quite literally, because: no entrance fee! We like the awesome view from the top of the skyscraper at 20 Fenchurch Street even more. The website will tell you at what time exactly the sun rises and sets, so you will never have to miss these beautiful moments.

Notting Hill
A must-visit for movie lovers. The neighborhood of Notting Hill is famous for the cute colorful houses, with one in particular: the dark blue door through which superstar Anna Scott fled from her love for William Thacker. Got the reference? No? Go see the movie Notting Hill and then come back to us. It’s a classic (with three Golden Globe nominations, for example).

Science Museum
Make science cool again! This museum is not only awesome for the stereotype ‘nerd’ among us, but also for YOU! We mean, have you ever been in space before? Have you ever thought about the fascinating lives of bacteria? We thought so. The science museum is also very suitable for kids and school trips.

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