March 19, 2019

The five best pizza’s in Pisa

Pizza in Pisa sounds like a lame wordjoke, but hey, you are in Italy and in Pisa you can eat really nice pizzas. Which ones are the best ones? We found you five of the best pizza’s in Pisa, according to locals.

If you crave real Neapolitan pizzas with charcoal blackened crust, L’Arciere is your place to go. You will find yourself among students, hungry people who come straight from work, old men, families… the diavolapizza (topped with salami, pepperoni and chili oil) is only eight euros and we don’t know why you wóuldn’t try this.

Trattoria Pizzeria Il Montino
This trattoria slash pizzeria is every Pisans’ pride. Being the first pizzeria in Pisa ever, Il Montino serves you authentic, simple pizza’s from their woodoven. You can sit outside or eat at the counter like a real Italian pizzalover.

La Spigolatrice
La Spigolatrice is perfect for when you are about to faint and need something cheap but satisfying. That is when the locals visit the place to get their pizza-fix. The interior is simple and not very special, but the pizzas and beers are definitely worth a visit. Especially in that combination. Add friends and you will have the best night of your life!

Pizzeria Da Nando
Thin crusts, a woodoven that smells nice, lots of locals inside… three signs that you simply háve to order a pizza at Da Nando. The interior is pretty simple and not made for coziness, but the pizza’s make you forget about your surroundings anyway.

La Taverna di Pulcinella
Somewhere, in one of the many backstreets of Pisa’s old town, you will find La Taverna di Pulcinella. A small place with an original pizza-oven and, bonus, five vegan pizza’s on the menu! Yes, you’ve read that right: five vegan pizza’s.

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