March 19, 2019

Local specialties of Lucca

What is Lucca really about, food wise? The city is located in Tuscany so we already know the food is good. But here you go with four specialties, from Lucca with love.

Tortelli Lucchese (tortellini from Lucca)
Pasta made with egg, with a rich, meaty filling of pork or beef. Lucca has always been a quite rich city, so they showed it off with their pastas. Using egg where a lot of people didn’t (because it was too expensive), and using as much meat as they could. You get the best Tortelli Lucchese at Ristorante Giglio.

Farro soup
A rich, very filling soup made with grains and butterbeans. Most of the time served with parmigiano Reggiano and crispy (unsalted!) bread. Try the soup at Trattoria da Leo.

Baked, fried or braised, baccala essentially is dried and salted cod. Depending on the chefs’ own taste, the baccala can served with chickpeas, sliced and grilled. Therefore, there is not one specific restaurant with ‘the best baccala’. You have to look and find which preparation suits your taste best.

Crèpes made with chestnutflour and filled with ricotta. Sign us up! At Pizza da Felice you find a nice necci. If you crave something more salty, this place also sells ‘regular’ pizza per slice.

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