No matter where you go, we have a Lockpoint waiting for you.

Going on an adventure? No matter where you go, we have a Lockpoint waiting for you.

Are you looking for an adventure in Europe, be well prepared and don’t take any risks with your personal belongings. Store your luggage safely with Lockpoints and get the most out of your travels.

On our first Lockpoints trip we we where inter railing throughout Europe and traveled all the way from Amsterdam to Rome by train. We stopped and stayed in many different cities, such as Berlin, Prague, Budapest and many cities in Italy. With an inter rail ticket you can visit more cities than you can handle and we where impressed by all that many cultural hotpots we could and did visit. We liked our trip by train because it’s quite relaxing and we really enjoyed the different landscapes.

If you don’t want to travel by train, there are plenty of alternatives to travel in Europe. You can go by plane or by bus and between some places you can even use ferry’s to travel to your next destination. No matter where you go or how you travel we always have a Lockpoint available that meets your travel plans.

While we keep your luggage safely in storage, you can go and enjoy your day to the fullest!

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