March 19, 2019

Fun things to do in Rome

If you are walking around through the city of pasta and espresso’s, and you are desperate for some fun things to do, we have got you covered. Here are five fun things to do in Rome.

Drive a Vespa
Driving a Vespa takes some courage, especially in the capital of Vespa’s, Rome. There are a LOT of Vespa rentals in the city, one cheaper and or better than the next. But the feeling of being light and free (and a daredevil because Roman traffic can be cha-os) is unbeatable.

Refresh in a waterpark
Because it can be concrete-melting hot in Rome sometimes, the best thing you can do is know where to cool down. Waterpark Hydromania has enough water and slides to both have fun ánd cool down. Fun for the kids, fun for the adults, fun for everyone.

Get insulted by the restaurant staff
Before you think ‘hell no’, hear us out. At La Parolaccia you can get insulted by profs, obviously as a joke, but not for the weak hearted! And if it comforts you: while the waiter insults you, he will give you delicious food.

Visit Villa Borghese gardens & the zoo
One of the prettiest gardens in Europe, if you ask us. Escape the chaos of the city and wander around in this heaven-like park full of classic fountains, plants and flowers. Villa Borghese itself is also worth a visit. Bonus: when you have had enough of the gardens, there is a zoo where you can continue your nature-themed day.

Eat where-ever you can!
In our blog ‘five must-visit restaurants in Rome’ we describe the five best places in Rome to have dinner. Why this is a fun thing to do in Rome? Well, isn’t Rome the city of pasta and wine? Exactly. Eat your heart out!

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