March 19, 2019

Four Hidden Gems of Amsterdam

If you are a tourist in Amsterdam, you might go straight to the Red Light District to the best coffeeshop. But Amsterdam has so much more to offer you! So here you go, four hidden gems that are definitely worth a visit.

The Otherist
The Otherist is a modern version of the Cabinet of Curiosities. Go here for an unique souvenir or simply let your inner-geek take over and be amazed by this mix-and-match of science and… other cool stuff.

Pieter & Tosch
Another conceptstore, in one of our favorite neighborhoods: the Baarsjes. According to the owners they handpicked everything they sell in the shop themselves during their many travels, mostly coming from small, independent brands they love. You will definitely succeed at buying presents here.

De Laatste Kruimel
In the heart of Amsterdam, just a 10 minute walk from central station, you’ll find De Laatste Kruimel. A super small, super cozy lunchroom where nice ladies reminding you of your mother serve the bést patisseries, scones, quiches and sandwiches. Made with love, so you will eat until ‘the last crumb’ (English for ‘de laatste kruimel’). In summer you can sit outside, enjoying the view of boats and ducks passing through the canal.

If you are a vegan, or maybe just a curious vegetarian, you can sooth your sweet and or savory tooth here! Vegabond offers you a wide range of delicious foods. Vegan donuts? Yasssss please! The lunchmenu contains meals like spring rolls, wraps and soups, and they serve a mean oat-cappuccino. If you feel inspired to get some vegan cooking on at home, they got you covered as well. Vegabond is a store too! We would personally recommend the Amsterdam-made vegan cheeses. Finally a cheese platter you can enjoy!

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