March 19, 2019

Eating in London on a budget

It can be quite difficult to find cheap food that is also of good quality. That is why we have searched for the best cheap food places in London. All food will be under 10 pounds (around 11 euros)

Brindisa Kitchens
Go to Brindisa Kitchens if you have a weak spot for the Spanish kitchen. Or, you know, if you just like tapas and shared dining a lot. Almost everything on the menu is less than 10 pounds. The Double Chorizo sandwich, for example, costs you only 6 pounds. The sandwich will be richly filled with meat and a lót of fresh veggies. It’s tasty, filling ánd cheap. What more can you ask for? Bonus: a vegan menu costs you 27 pounds. Also a steal, if you ask us.

Mother Mash
Mother Mash sells potatoes that are … mashed. With a sausage or meat pie on the side. Filling and perfect comfort food. The price is on point: 9,5 pounds for mash with sausage and 10,5 for the meat pie (we cheated).

Laughing Halibut
When in London, you simple have to eat fish and chips at least once. And what is better than a laughing fish? Right, nothing. Go to the Laughing Halibut for a big portion of fish and chips under ten pounds. And when you’re there, try the Mushy peas on the side: a British specialty. Take a seat in this oldskool fish and chips bar and dive in!

Roti King
Roti is always a good idea. And in this case, a cheap idea. For 6,5 pounds you get a roti canai (Maylaysian style flatbread) with juicy curry lamb, curry fish or curry chicken. Roti King sells all sorts of Malaysian specialties, so to broaden your horizon, go here!

Pleasant lady
Another place where you can broaden your horizon. The pleasant lady after which this place is named will make you delicious Kantonese-style wraps/crèpes (jian bing) filled with a variety of vegetables, and egg or meat as extra option. For only 6 pounds you get a wrap that not only satisfies your belly prettttty good, but is pretty Insta-worthy as well.

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